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5:42 a.m. - July 1, 2003
Another typical morning~ 24 days away
I am barely awake and for some reason my Redbull isnt kickin in like it is supposed to. I guess I am in need of more sleep. Sources say too much sleep makes you tired..REEEEAAALLY?

No big pearls of wisdom for this morning so I am gonna find some morning here ya have it...

When you're in the groove,

When your body can't help but move,

And the rock and roll feels so smooth,

When you ain't got nothing left to prove.

You're in the groove.

So speaking of a groove gotta get in mine...I will write when I come home..Blue is coming over to see me tonight...Things seem to be evolving rather quicky with that bad? Not so much as long as he doesnt try to smother me. I know we have plans for friday night but not saturday. Santurday is the Chili cook off and time for me to play...

Oh hell here goes Paco down the side of his cage...sneaky little bastard thinks I am not looking.

I am gonna start the countdown to the concert...WOOO HOOOO!! 24 Days!!



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