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7:39 p.m. - July 1, 2003
Purity Test and the Sleeze I am
Cyclops just got done taking the purity test. Should it bother me that she got 48.6% pure and I got 23.6% pure? I guess I am a complete sleezeball. Here is the link if anyone wants to take the test...there are 500 questions so if you don't have time don't start cuz it wont save your place...BUT if you do take it post your score in my guestbook okay?

I guess I can take it later and see how much worse I have gotten. And for the record I said no to the following:

A. Farm Animals (or any animals)

B. Group Sex

C. Excretement

So I came home and popped 1 cold one...chatted up Cyclops...took a shower...and oh how great that was after the sweatfest on the drive home!

Yes I Do have A/C but I choose not to use it all the time.

Bonus: It will last longer

Minus: Sweat like an Ox

Anyway I am all ready to see Blue tonight. He is coming over in an hour or so.

Emailed with CK a bit today. He mentioned that he would like to call and chat tonight..just shoot the shit agenda...I told him fine but I had plans after 8 and he would either hafta call before then or tomorrow...havent heard from him tonight...the "I have plans after 8" must notta sat real well. He has this friend Rebecca...He says she is his best friend..I think he is in love with her and that explains his bizarre behavior. It all just came to me today and that makes sense. ALOT of sense. It also made me realize for certain that I am completely past the Jew. That just hit me too...and It is nice cuz reading back I didnt think I would ever get over him.

Okay anyway I am gonna clean up a bit more and get all my shit done and go relax a bit before company comes over.

I'll either write when he leave or in the AM...most likely in the AM...

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