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5:55 a.m. - July 2, 2003
I overslept like a mother fucker AGAIN...Gotta stop staying up so late...

So as for my company last night...he is cool...I still have a low "twitch" but I also have the mental capability to work thru it. So I am gonna try.

Wierdest thing...Last night at 11 pm my HOME phone rang...It was if you read back I did some computer work for her back when I was "unemployeed" and she and I used to work together...Funny thing is that it has been months...I mean MONTHS...since I heard from her. She said "I heard you had a new job (DUH)...gimme a call sweetie" Or something to that affect. Post gagging I started to think...something has got to be up...there are 4 people that would make me think something is awry if they call...Hole, KK, Brenni or the Jew. All of which removed themselves from my live on their own (well not really the Jew there but yea on some level). Why is she calling? Does she have an ulterior motive or was she drunk and couldnt find anyone else to talk to? Cyclops is gonna put her ear to the ground and see what she can find out.

In the mean time I gotta get ready for work...

Ill write more later.........



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