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7:24 p.m. - July 2, 2003
Puppy Freak Out
Okay my world is nuts. Men are nuts...And I cant stop watching that movie "The Sweetest Thing".

Lets start at the top:

Blue: Sweetheart...came over last night..wants to come over tonight (HELLOOOO WHERE IS MY SPACE HERE??) And maybe I am mistaken but I think he said a sentence with the "L" word. But, I may have wax buildup in my ears so I am not certian.

CK: Confusion and delimna doesnt start to even break the seal here. TALK TALK TALK TALK TALK...get nowhere...

Stretch: Havent mentioned him cuz he wasnt worth mentioning...went on one date to his house..played pool..drank wine...had fun...sacked it...left at 2 am...invited me over again and I am always doin stuff when he asks me so he calls me a flake and says dont email him EVER again. So I didnt...and he messaged me and asked me to come over tonight...sorry I gotta do laundry...can't. WHY WHY WHY???

Bible Beater: He got a girl and disappeared and our Sat/sun coffees STOPPED...SKREEEEEETCCCHHHH. Now he comes down tonight and we talk about failed relationships and setting them up in our heads and then imagining bad stuff or over emphasizing the not great but tolerable bad habits of potential puppies. TWITCH TWITCH TWITCH

R: Booty call..thats all but my first friend in Cali and has stayed that way...maybe the big with him is that he doesnt ask questions. And he is there but not...

Cobbler: Just damn Yummy. Plain and simple. Booty call YES. Going to Austrailia and keeping his place here...very hard to get ahold of. Simply a DISH!

Which brings me to the ***ARGH****

One day day too many interests...the day I have no puppies I want one and when I have many I wont see any. I am a FUCK UP. I heard something that goes like this....Stop looking for Mr. Right and look for Mr. Right NOW and eventually the NOW part will just fall away when it is right. Makes ya think but with that as a guideline I could skip over Mr. Right, right?

So I wanna see Blue...but I need rest and I know if he comes over I wont rest and I will end up asleep on the nightstand again. DONT ASK cuz I dont know.

So I think I am REALLY thinking to much so I am gonna stop now...wash my face and go watch TV. I am a mental case right now...what a loony.



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