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5:12 a.m. - July 3, 2003
Thursday is Friday
Thursday is Friday. What does that mean? In the work world it means...4 day work week. Yeppers I am off tomorrow...thank the GODS!!! 3 Day weekend.

So the July Fourth celebration is giving me a ruffle. I dont kow what the hell. I know Sassy and I are gonna do something...Throw Blue, his kids who I adoringly call Tater Tot and Pee Wee)and Big E int the mix and it could be cool..THEN..D emails me...There is a party in Long Beach and something about fireworks and the Queen Mary and I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON.

Here is an off topic Q...why THE SHIT do people call me in the middle of the night to CHAT? I mean sure if Sass calls its okay cuz, well it's Sass...But ta know the other night Hole called at 11 and Ham called last night at flippin midnight...dude I have told these gals a million times..."I get up at 4 am and so I go to bed early". Itsa bunch of CRAPOLA dontcha know.

Its Thursday and Sass and I usually Goat it. Dont think so tho, but since no work manana maybe, but I do have brake issues AGAIN and I need to take a look at them SOON (pads I think...making a grinding noise).

I was also thinking that I need a change of scenery...strangers...just a place I never been before, like Hollywood or the Liquid Lounge. Not this week but soon I am thinking. I was telling Bible Beater last night if I had my motorcycle I woulda been cruising down PCH last night.

I am snapped outta the puppy freakout last night I was having. I dont wanna be "that girl" anymore and play the matter how fun it is from time to time. I hafta stop being afraid. I feel better today. I had space and that was good. I needed it. And I also hafta say that my friend John in Nevada is the best advice giver ever. If you are wondering about him go to my profile and read my notes and see what he wrote.

So I am gonna start the day off happy...I got a good night sleep and the roomies are both up so I can crank the tunes...Off to the shower...PEACE!



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