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3:05 p.m. - July 4, 2003
Fuckin Brakes
Fuckin Brakes...I swear the goddamned things havent been changed since 1975. I was metal to metal on the drives side and almost to that point on the passengers side. I culdnt get the bolts off the calipers so I just had to compress the caliper pistons and pray like the dickens it would work. Thankfully it did and I have new brakes on the front of my car. Okay this time Car Therapy wasnt whatthe doctor ordered...

What makes matters worse is that I started freaking out and there as no one to help me til Syovar (male roomie) got home. I can do the repairs but sometimes I dont have the strength I need physically. AND THAT is what pisses me off. So I acted like an ass to all my friends and went ape shit. Cancelled my plans for tonight with Blue and Sassy and Ed. I was such a bitch. I feel aweful. I sent messages apologizing..Now I just need to take a nap.

I didnt get alot of sleep last night. Blue came over and spent the night and I didnt get to sprawl out like I am used to. And he woke me up at 6 am. So I am tired and cranky and all of that. So I am gonna try to catch a nap and see if I feel better in a couple of hours.



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