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5:59 p.m. - July 4, 2003
Yippee Skippee
I feel a little better. Groggy but a little more rested. I am thinking I may be a bit arguementative today because of car stress and maybe the best thing is for me to take a chill pill and hide out today.

Sassy called and her and Ed went to SD to watch a baseball game. Thats all good with me I dont care about that but it seems she is stressed and edgy and so am I an that makes for a bad mix. I told her to come over and spend the night anyways tonight so we can go to Riverside in the morning anyways. I wouldnt blame her if she didnt, but I hope she does.

Unfortuantely today, when I tried to talk to Blue when I was having "Bad Car", laughed at me. BAD BAD BAD move. I thought I was pretty clear with anyone I talk to that I am very temperamental about the car. its my baby. And he laughed at me. That, to me is like me calling his kids Brats, Even if I was kidding. You just dont do it.I was looking forward to seeing Blue's kids but I think I may not be in the right frame of mind for it today.

So D called and today is our two year anniversary of the first time we stepped into the Goat. We "might" go get a beer...I really am down in my back so maybe not we will see. So much for a rootin tootin fourth huh? Who the heck really cares anyways? Its just another day. I just wanna get some rest so I will be good to go tomorrow.



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