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7:32 a.m. - July 6, 2003
Sunday Boring Sunday
Sunday...end of a long weekend. It's early...silly chikens wanted to get up. Its a little overcast right now and it is kinda nice to be honest.

My back still hurts a bit..kinda achy..maybe it will subside today. Nothing major planned for the day. Stretch had made mention that he might wanna hang out. He prolly wont.

Blue came over last night. I was asleep already. I have a bit of an issue with the fact that he comes over so stinkin late. I get up early and I cant stay up til all hours of the night. I do understand that he had kiddos and such but I just cant do that. He also didnt call before he came over, he just came...and that kinda aggrivated me since I had asked him to please call me before he left to head over here. I do like him but he is taking things way to fast and assuming that I am on the same track as him. Did I mention that he sent me a dozen roses on thursday at work and the card had the "L" word in it? HELLLOOOOOO!!!! DUDE, you have only known me a week. I want to date him but I need my space and he isn't giving it to me. I have tried explaining to him but he isnt hearing me. SO I am gonna take today to regroup and see whats up in my head. Maybe some fresh ocean air will help, who knows.

Still no word from Sassy. I need to talk t her cuz Z God wants to know when you she is coming to get her car. I am afraid to call her cuz she is still angry with me I think, or she is preoccupied in another department. I dunno.

I think I may go to Liquid Lounge tonight if I end up staying home all day. I dunno I jut need to get out I think.



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