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8:48 p.m. - July 5, 2003
Chili Cookoff #3
So the day goes by...

No we didnt win today at the chili cookoff. As much as I hocked Chili Peppers wares it just wasnt enuf. I can see where she would get a bit discouraged after not winning.

I did put punkin in the car show and found out there is another car show in riverside next weekend I think. I may go there are 40 trophys and by god I want one. I lost 2 hubcaps today tho dammit all to hell.

My back is still cashed big time. I really put some strain on it yesterday. What a pisser.

Well Sass was a no show today. Got a text message from her on my way home that she was "emotionally drained". I dont quite get that but okay. I hope she had a good day. Wasnt the same without her. Cest La Vie. I cant sit around and fret. When she is all back together she will call. Well at least I hope she will. I hope my temper tantrum didnt fuck things all up. I am sure we will be fine. That was yesterday...

Well I am gonna shut down for the night..Tired..too much heat..and a backache...ARGH!




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