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5:19 a.m. - July 7, 2003
Oh my aching Monday
Oh my achin Monday...LOL...just kidding...but Mondays are a bummer. I did NOT wanna get up this morning. But I tell ya I need to after managin to do absolutely nothing yesterday.

I need to go to Whittier and get hubcaps this week sometime. Dont know when tho. And Sass needs to get her car.

After I got home from my walk with D yesterday I kinda have made up my mind to stay "single" a little longer. I dont wanna hurt Blue and I am sure its gonna but its better to get out now then wait longer. D told me that I go for the guys that are unattainable because I have a fear of relationships. Maybe so. TWITCH TWITCH.

Anyways...I am gonna get this party started and I will write more when I get home if there is anything to write.

I am gonna come home and walk cuz I feel like a fat ass.




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