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6:28 p.m. - July 8, 2003
Home again home again jiggity jig....

Feels good and thank the gods for down time. I am so gonna hold down the couch tonight and I am happy about that.

I think Sassy and I are cool..hopefully I got the point across about the whole "YOU GOTTA TALK TO ME SO I UNDERSTAND" thing. I get a good feeling. I knew it would be okay...she is the best.

Well I had a GREAT convo and all day email-a-thon with this guy today him Scuba....we are going out this weekend...friday I believe. Seems kinda fast but he gives me a pretty good feeling...he knows I am a spaz and likes it. AND he has a Harley and dogs...what have I got to lose? A night at home sleeping and watchin tv? Ill take the chance I might miss something rerunning on TV.

I put my ad back on yahoo and have had a few good bites today, and its only been up day.

Well I am waiting for D to get home and see if she wants to go get a yogurt...yum....and I hafta write "The Letter" to you know who. I dont wanna but I gotta this isnt fair to either of us.

If I have anything fun happen I will write more later....



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