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5:12 a.m. - July 8, 2003
Stress Less...thats what I say
Well I played hell trying to get up this morning. You would think I came drag assin in a few minutes ago. I didn't, I got home at 10pm. I musta reset my alram like 15 times. Cripes...LOL.

Well last night was fun. We ate Claim Jumper, watched baseball and fear factor and stuff. He is a case that tho...we shall see where it goes from here. But I am not gonna hold my breath. He is just as happy being single as I am and he has a couple of chicks he is seein...he did mention something about going out to some pool hall sometime...blowin smoke? MAYBEEEEE. He talks a good game. A bit transparent.

Well got a call from Z God last night and Sassy's car isn't gonna be ready til tomorrow. So I called and left her a message and when she called back I got "Stress Sassy" on the phone again. I dont know how to deal with it when she has no sense of humor and is at DEFCON 5. I was trying to play with her on the phone and she was like "SEE YA...HAVE A NICE LIFE" so I just hung up. I cant take it. She is SUPPOSED to be happy and SUPPOSED to be my friend. I am not the enemy here. She has so many good things going on...New man (great man at that) and a new car on the way...shit I would be one happy puppy if I were her. So I am going to Whittier alone to get my hubcaps tonight and give Z God these cores and the console...That is unless she lets me know otherwise. But I am not gonna try to help her with this car thing anymore. I have done all I can and I am not gonna be the go between for her and Z God. I tried, failed, its outta my hands now. I dont know what else to do.

I have another car show this weekend but the info says "pre 1975 cars only" my car is a 1975...does that mean I cant enter??? WHAT THE FUCK?

Well its off to shower land...til later...


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