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4:45 a.m. - July 10, 2003
Typical Morning Gems
Well and a damn good morning to ya. I swear I am having the hardest time waking up. Dont get it. I am sleeping really hard and soundly I guess. Man it makes the morning a BITCH.

Big hardy hellos to the three musketeers..(Jim, John, Rob)...miss you guys.

So a quickie burd update. I knew in time Paco would start watching Harley and I have noticed communications between the two of them has gotten interesting. Paco for the most part is like a statue except in the AM and right before bed. Well Harley, when he is out of his cage, will sit there and hold the blinds in his foot and look out the window. I guess Mr. P has noticed this cuz I'l be damned if he hasnt developed a "Blind Slat" fascination. This morning he just was playin with them. What a wierd-o. Now he is sitting on the edge of his cage "blurping" at me (yea it sounds like "BLURP"). Usually is "what what what". Guess he is in illiterate mode. I swear tho I think the best thing in the world are my burds. I love them. They are sooo smart.

So tonight is supposed to be Goat night. I am so broke and I really need to do stuff here at the house and stuff since tomorrow night I wont be around. I cant take Sassy home and since she didnt get her car I dont know what the plan is. I know she is gonna wanna go because she wont be around next week. She has a convention in St. Louis. GAG...that place sucks DICK. Anyways, I left her a message to see what she wants to do but she must been busy or asleep cuz she didnt call me back. Maybe she will call in the AM.

Still having the great Email-A-Thon with Scuba and spoke to him on the tele briefly last night. A few Q's came to me this AM. He told me he had a roomie...okay is it a GF? The reason I am wondering is cuz he calls me on his way home from work but never from home. And when he asked me to call him I did and he didnt answer. Now I can understand not wanting to jabber on the tele after a long day at the office...and maybe it is my TWITCH alert...but I think Ill ask him today. I am sure I am wrong...just being a dork as usual.

Haven't heard from Blue. Prolly a good thing. I feel bad, I really do but I think it is better this way. I was gonna write him yesterday and splain things to him but I cant get the words to work with out sounding kinda mean. He is a sweetheart of a guy...he will make a great BF/Hubby someday...just not for me.

Met a new dude on Yahell yesterday...Don't know him well enuf to give him a name yet tho. Fuckin funny thing is he live RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET. How fucked up is that. Might have beers with him tonight too. I can tell ya this much if my ass dont wake up I aint doin shit.

Slave Driver is out at the other facility today. Its wierd without him around...silly little freak. 'cept I tend to me a bit more spastic when he is at work and more focuse when he isnt....MAYBE ITS THE BLACK LEVI'S? ROTFLMAO (inside joke)

Sorry for the rant about the thug last night. But I am here to tell you, that he is a useless waste of flesh. I was so excited this weekend to see him load up a bunch of what I thought was personal effects into the Bondo-Mobile and take off. I thought he was outta here. I can remember how the alley was before he came here. The questions I need answered are these:

1. What brought him here?

2. Why is he STILL here?

3. Will he ever go away?

I like my geeraj time and he makes me very uncomfortable cuz he stares and makes off color comments in my direction. I know I have said it before but (see the "thug across the alley", "fuckin thug" and "time to die tweeker" entries) the mother fucker is just plain nasty....and in most cases I dont mind it but this guys is CRAWLIN with nasty. And I KNOW he has only one set of clothes cuz he always looks the same. Oh shit here I go again.

Isnt it funny how if you rant enuf about a person you can like or hate them even more? He makes my skin crawl...nuff said.

Well its after 5 and I guess I should prolly do a few constructive things...So I will try to write from work OR when I get home

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