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6:03 a.m. - July 14, 2003
Weekend Update-Short but SWEET
WOW did I over sleep. I know I havent updated from this weekend. I suck. LOL

Fridays date was GREAT. Scuba not only was good looking but also alot of fun. I dont kiss and tell but I will say this..GREAT kisser and I didnt get home til Saturday early afternoon. WOOO HOOO!!!!!

Will I see him again? I dunno...that depends on him. If he calls sure. But if he big..I had a great evening with a fun guy...he lives a little far but that is no big really.

The rest of the weekend there is NOTHING to tell. I came home saturday and SLEPT...and in the process of that, I guess I slept funny and twisted the shit out of a muscle in my back. So for saturday night and all day Sunday I was laid up on pain killers. THAT sux...It still is killing me. But the heating pad has helped a bit. I know when I go to work Slave Driver is gonna say it is cuz of some freaky sex I had. I really dont wanna hear that but I am ready for him...

Oh and Cherokee...I missed you while you were on Vaca...and I am NOT in a woe is me ready the Diary with the wrong tone...I am super happy poo bear....

Well til tonight....ZYA!



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