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6:15 p.m. - July 16, 2003
A small sigh of relief
Have you ever had such a feeling of relief that you were exhausted? That is exactly how I felt when I found my wallet. The second I got home I took everything out of it. I did decide that I gotta start getting legalities straight soon tho (car title, cali DL & so on).

Well had another very nice email-a-thon with Scuba...very very very NICE. He and I have such a strange thing here but I LIKE IT. I can tell you this I am soooo looking forward to him making me need another 2 or three (or more)days to recoup from another date with him...He is quite the guy and I dig.

Nothing planned for tonight...gonna prolly turn in early. I am still recovering from me and Scuba's date last friday I think.

A Z friend of mine PW is supposed to come down this weekend from LA. He has a party he is going to and will be in my neck of the woods so I told him to call me...we shall see...who knows what this weekend holds in store...Ill prolly just rent some flix and chill cuz next weekend is THE CONCERT!!!!!!!! 9 Days and counting!!!!

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