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4:29 a.m. - July 18, 2003
A's FP review From Dallas
Its Official...word from Dallas is the concert ROCKS!!! A called me last night at midnight to give me the "Offical" word on what to look forward to. He said he thought of me when PBF sang "I wanna be with you". He said thet EZN was great without Donnie Vie and that Monaco did a great job. And that FP was prolly the BEST front band in the UNIVERSE. Now you hafta understand that he and I are a bit obsessive about the whole music thing and we really freak about the bands we like. SO now I am completely stoked. He said there was these cool blinking lights on the stage and smoke thru the whole show. He also said Taime wore a skirt...NICE! And that he believe's that they really need him to play drums for them...

Nuff of that for now. I didnt hear from Chad last night. So Now here is the delimna...Do I call him AGAIN thinking that the girl I left a message with didnt tell him? Or blow it off? I mean he did leave me the note...So maybe I should. I will leave the answering machine on today and see whats there when I come home.

Tonight I am looking forward to a very quiet evening. I have nothing planned. Ill prolly rent a movie and chill. I am seriously not in a big gung-ho mood to go out and with Sassy out of town nothing to do really. So unless some hot guy falls outta the sky I wll be home listening to my CD's and watching TV...Hell I got alot to look forward to next week. I am by no means complaining.

Til tonight...



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