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7:24 p.m. - July 19, 2003
To Jaspers...
Talk about lazy. I didnt do hardly anything today and that is pathetic. Well I went to Omars and got the birds some food cuz they were almost out. Then I came home and passed out for 4 house. LAZY FUCK!!!

Well money makes a bit of a difference too...and I am kinda on the poor bus lately.

So D and I were gonna go to this gay Jaycees Luau but thank the gods she decided she didnt wanna....SO..she called and we are gonna go grab a brew at Jaspers in an hour or so. I IM's my bud "joe" from across the street...maybe he will come and hang with us. Who knows...anyways at least I am getting out of the house. I wasnt gonna til after next weekend but what the hell... And she and I are gonna lay out tomorrow..damn I need some sun...does BALUGA mean anything to you?

Oh Chad did call...hadnt got his own phone...ODD..does mobile mind thinks "UNSTABLE". And I dont need that crap right now. I can barely support myself. I dont wanna support some migratory puppy.

Okay well I better get off my ass and get ready to go pick up D. Itll be good to get out. Ill write more when I get home.



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