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5:58 a.m. - July 21, 2003
Let the Countdown Begin! 5 Days!

Okay now that I got that out. Time to rev up and get ready. I am so excited I could just BARF. I cant get sick of the music. I been listenin to it for over a month? And still not sick of it. Man good music never gets old.

I guess Sass got home okay last night. I ever heard from her. Guess Ill hafta ask Big E cuz I am sure he did.

My phone rang at 1:30 last nite. ONE THIRTY IN THE MORNING!!!! CHAD. Dude I work. And that is exactly what I told him. He is very sweet and apologetic on the phone byt HELLOOOOO??? HAVE YOU NOT GOT A CLUE? AND what are you doing out at 1:30 in the morning??? My mind says he is transient. That he doenst have a "Ground Zero" and if that is the case OH HELL NO. Almost as bad as welfare. EGAD. And he is prolly barely 30. TA TA time for that here.

Went walking last night. Did 2 miles. Felt good and I got a little sun at the pool yesterday. Just a couple more days by the pool and if I walk at least every other night I could prolly make a dent in the white ASS I have.

So tonight I am gonna start figgerin out what I am wearing to the show. Sass needs to come over one night and go shopping for clothes too. Well if she wants to. I hope she doesnt stress out and freak on me before the show. So I am gonna make sure that I am not the one that lays any freak on her. I am gonna lay low I guess. If friday night gets spoiled I will be the one that FREAKS. Scuba said he might show up. I am not gonna hold my breath. There will be plenty of puppies there I think anyway....LICKS!!!

Okay well off for the grind...more tonight



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