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5:03 a.m. - July 22, 2003
4 Days...and Chili Slop
4 DAYS!!! (dead horse I know just DEAL ALREADY!) I CAN'T WAIT.

Slept well last night. Cell phone rang ALOT last night. I didnt answer cuz I didnt wanna talk. Honestly it didnt matter who it was I dont think the convo's woulda come out on a positive note...cuz I am positive I had nothing positive to say. Not that I was foul or anything like that, just bugged a bit thats all. What about? I guess the best way to put it is internal turmoil of right and wrong. I did something that I know was the right thing to do and now I am kicking myself in the ass for it. It isnt that it has turned out in a negative way. Quite the opposite, it is a very good situation. I am just a selfish ass thats all...hate giving sometimes. Nuff said.

Well Chad did call last night and it was right as I was retiring. He wanted to come over. I said NO. NO ONE calls me up at close to 10 and want me to let them come over...okay well thats not entirly true...Sassy and D can and CK, he can too. I miss him...***sigh***

Made Chili for the troops today. Gotta haul that slop to work today. Oh well its the least I can do I guess they asked me to make it so I did. Not my best but it'll do. Who am I trying to impress? Not a damn soul at that place thats for sure.

Anywho I am so excited that its Tuesday. I wish it were friday but honestly I am not ready yet. I got lots of preppin to do. Speaking of preppin...Off to showerland after I post lyrics...PEACE!



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