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8:36 p.m. - July 21, 2003
Ignoramus Majoris
I know I went off on a rant a bit ago btu I am gonna go off again...Rant part II the SEQUEL........

I have a million online friends...and to be honest anyone that knows me knows that is pretty much an understatement when I say a million. HOWEVER, I am a bit more "plugged in" than the normal person. But over the years I have become able to keep the names and Identities of my online friends inline and I know who the FUCK I am talking to. I also know that it isnt hard to RESEARCH who you are talking to. NOT HARD OKAY????

So again since I have been home I have some fuzz nut instant messaging me and asking me why I am on his friends list. HELLO...STUPID...YOU EMAILED ME ON YAHOO PERSONALS!!!!! I wanna say..."hey forget ALL the girls you email???"

I am so tired of these ignoramus majoris types...I could just put a tac hammer between my eyes. I think I have a curse on me that attracts RETARDS. If I believed in Hell I would Swear I am sitting next to Satan right now.

I tell this guy I get bored really fast and what does he do? PAUSES a LOOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGG time.....HELLO BORED NOW BUH BYE!!!!

Okay My back and my brain hurts I think I am gonna go lay down....Oh and speaking of pain...the fucking Safeco insurance wants to settle on my wreck from July 27, last year for 3k...EGAD my medical was 9K alone and I lost over 1K of earnings from Wyndham alone. Here we go COURT TIME...this old bat is gonna shit her own head when she gets the papers I got today...HOLY HELL...

Oh and Chad called last night ya know and he said he would call after I get off work... NOPE...I betcha he calls in the middle of the night again...***sheesh***

Well I am gonna get this idiot off my screen and hit the sack...till tomorrow...Oh John and you guys!!!



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