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5:13 a.m. - July 25, 2003
Concert Night Is Here!!! Finally!
Well the day is FINALLY here...Yep its time for the Faster Pussycat concert!!!! I am so excited. It is gonna be great. "A" called yesterday to get me pumped up and I am supposed to call him today and this weekend and let him know how it goes. On a different note he made mention that he might come up to OKC to see me next month. I dont know how great of an idea that is but to be honest...I am not thinking about it today.

I had "vanity night" last night. I did my hair and my nails (NOTHING wierd...blonde hair red nails). I know its boring but I am wearing the dress and I dont want my hair to clash. Thats so odd sounding. Anyway all I gotta do is get stockings and I will be good to go.

I am hoping with all hope Slave Driver lets me go home early so I can shower and stuff. I am gonna need to chill for a bit before the show. (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE)

Havent heard from Chad. I guess thats a wash like I said yesterday. I need to email Scuba and see if he is gonna try to make it out. I am gonna go with no on that one. Its alot to ask someone to come to a show when they arent big ass fans like I am. I mean Sass MUST go ... she has no choice. But all My other friends...scared of the unknown? maybe. Shit I didnt know who Faster Pussycat was back in 87 before I heard them for the first time. Ya know whats funny to me. People make fun of me, the things I do and the music I listen to. But let me tell you...I bet they just wish they had a sliver of my fun in their lives. Hell everyone makes fun of me and the car...and then Sassy went to the nationals with me...FUN FUN harm...try it it cant be all bad if I am doing it. Hell I am the pickiest bitch in town. So before anyone decides to dits my Hollywood Hairspray Bands and the music I like...go see them with me..And if you still dont like it...rib me all you want.

On a different note I met another guy about a month or so ago. I dont talk to him alot but yesterday I did for about 45 minutes. I kinda like him and would like to go out with least for drinks. So I am thinking I am gonna call him laster and see if he wants to go do something saturday night. The prollem is that he is aquaintances with a few people I know and I dont want there to be a confilct of interest. I will write more if anything comes of it. He has just peaked my interest and I think he could be a cool guy to hang with. He is my age and I know he is single. So thats a good thing.

I emailed Riverman yesterday. I guess that little bad boy stayed in Havasu. Thats okay tho I dont have time for him this weekend. Not only do I have the concert tonight I MUST detail punkin.

So to wrap this up this day best go down in the books as prolly the best of the year (or at least in the top 5). I will do a complete concert and evening review the second I can get to the keyboard tomorrow.



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