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8:24 a.m. - July 26, 2003
Shameless Reviews...The Concert of a Lifetime
Well the show is over. It was fucking AWESOME!!!! So here is my review then I gotta shower and get a redbull.

There were two opening bands. One SUCKED MAJOR. The second one was called Sick Sex. They were okay. There was a gal bassist and she wore a bra and garter. She reminded me of Sean from White Zombie.

Next Pretty Boy Floyd takes the stage. Oh man were they good. Steve can sing. I personally think their set coulda been longer. When he sang "I wanna be with you" it was waaaaayyyyy good. Les (the bass player) is one HOT FUCKING GUY. If he wasnt such a whore I woulda prolly been all over that shit. I was on the side of the stage jammin my ass off. Awesome band..lots of energy...great tunes...this band gets a 10+.

Then here comes Enuff Z Nuff. Who needs Donnie Vie? I mean seriously...Monaco is an awesome singer. They jammed. Not as much energy on stage as PBF...However Robbie is a great drummer and had alot of showmanship. I have gone out with a few drummers and lemme tell ya...when I see one spinnin his sticks and still playing heart gets all fast and shit. I love this band. I was down front jamming with some chick I didnt know. I went down front with Sassy but when this chick grabbed me Sass took the opportunity to exit stage left. Anyway I give EZN 8+.

Then after 20 minutes of set up Faster Pussycat took the stage...there were these wacked out lights hanging from the ceiling. Kinda like the light your dad had in the Garage that would pull down and retract. and then just some regular light bulbs on long chords hanging down. They all flashed. And then there was lots of smoke. They are so Fucking great...LOUD as HELL. "A" was right...holy shit what a show. Taime sat down in the smoke and sang House Of Pain. Where theres a Whip was rocking. The whole thing was just what the doctor ordered. FP gets A 10+++++++++ from me.

I got a drum skin signed by the band and took alot of kick ass pics...BUT my fuckin camera decided not to work. So no pics. Karma? Devine Intervention? Is there a reason I wasnt supposed to have "evidence"? I suppose.

I dont think Sass and Big E enjoyed it as much as me. I looked back at one point and Sass was layin on E with his hands over her ears...Okay old school metal isnt for everyone. No harm no time I'll go alone. Its prolly easier that way. I am going to a gig sat night in Costa Mesa at the Bamboo Terrace for sure to see Admiral Krunch. They are an 80's cover band. Not much to look at but I bet they are goos. Shit D even said she might go since there is food. Well regardless I had the time of my life. I miss the old life I used to have. And this took me back. Loud music, smoky clubs, bad draft beer and men with long hair...GOD how I love it...



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