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8:19 a.m. - July 27, 2003
Saturday wrap up Sunday fun
Bright and early. Thats when my boys wake up. Bright and early. So lets see yesterday I took D to drop off her car to get the window control switch repaired and a couple of hours later took her back to pick it up. She called me on her way home from pickin it up and said the service advisor said "whats that girls name that dropped you off?" and she said "Vicki" and he said "is she crazy about Z cars and have a Z tattoo?" Now how in the FUCK does this guy know me? Well it appears that he used to work at the shop where I bought punkin. Funny huh?

Well D and I went to the Goat last night. And then Sassy And Big E showed up. And then My friend "Eric" showed up. Eric and I stayed there til after 1 am. Fuckin tab was 80.00. Man no slack for me that time.

Eric is way cool and had me crackin up big time when we were reading the personal ads in the OC Weekley. He and I are going to breakfast this morning and we are taking Kanuk, his malamute to play today. Should be fun.

So I gotta go jump in the shower. I will wrap up tonight when I get home.



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