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5:30 a.m. - July 31, 2003
\"Me\" time with Stretch
Butt Crack of Dawn....Geesh it seems I cant get enough sleep. ~~~YAWN~~~

Re-started my Diet this AM...I am a FAT ASS.

Got new pics yesterday. Finally developed the shit from chili cookoffs. Here is the link for those that read this. I put them under Yahoo Photos at this link.

I was asked to go to the Yankees/Angels game last night and I declined. I prolly upset Eric alot but damn, I cant just go into something just cuz its the polite thing to do. I like him, he is really nice. BUT, like I said yesterday, he is pushing too hard. And after some serious thinking, I just dont have the feeling for him. I mean NOTHING. I tried but it just aint there. No means No. I know you are listening but do you HEAR ME????

SO I opted to go see Stretch last night. I needed some "me" time. And he asked me to come over. He is cool, a pain in tha ass, but cool. First time I went over there it was a month or so before he asked me back...the time gap is closing between visits. Thats cool. Last night we didnt even sack it. Okay I like him A LITTLE. He is an enigma tho. I asked him last night if he had been on any dates lately. He said no he was staying home, doing his thing and laying low. WHATS UP WITH THAT? He was the pro-dater. ***hmmmm***

So tonight I AM STAYING HOME, No company PERIOD. I am gonna get Cyclops to come home and ride bikes with me and then I am gonna sprawl out and chill. I need to just be home. I may not go out tomorrow. OR I may see if D or CK wants to do dinner and a movie... Prolly D...I dont know that I need to see CK right now. It would prolly fuck things (me) all up.

Cute guy at work came down again yesterday and spoke briefly. He doesnt hang out when Slave Driver is there. I think he is shy. I sent him and email. Lets see if he responds. Ball in his court now. I dont know that I wanna date him I just think he would be a kick to hang with thats all. He is a little tall...I mean like 6'5 tall. Great blue eyes tho. We will see.

I am doing car therapy this weekend, prolly Sunday. Gonna go get replacement brakes. Those squealing mother fuckers are making me INSANE! I told Stretch to bring the Beemer over and I would wash and wax it. I love doing that shit.

Paco is getting down on his cage door and moving very close to me. He either wants food or is getting more comfy lately. I hope for the latter of the two but my instincts tell me he wants food. He is so cool. Have I said that before? Of course Harley is Harley. Love nugget beer drinker. Birds RULE!

Okay well off to work...Slaver driver is out today so I can prolly finish my audit. YAY! Oh and its payday. Double YAY!!.

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