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9:09 a.m. - August 03, 2003
Sunday...goin ta Freds
Its a beautiful Sunday. And lemme tell ya I dont really plan on spending the whole day inside. But before I decide what to do today and weigh my options lemme recap this weekend.

Friday night I had nothing planned but kinda needed a drink. Sangria sounded good so I broke the strain and went to Habana alone. I met this chick there Monica. She is my age, single, and hilarious. We got on great. I thihk I have a new friend to hang with now.

Saturday night Admiral Krunch was playing at the Bamboo Terrace. I met the guys at FP a week ago and told them I would come out and see them play. Trying not to be a flake and get over this whole goin out alone thing. I was laying on the bed talking to this guy I met on the tele and D walked in with a bag full of Hair Products. Just like Christmas!!!! Well I asked D if she wanted to have dinner and since I never took her out I figgered no better time the present. Sassy and I were gonna take her out for dinner but it never panned out. So I treated her to dinner and she hung out for part of the first set of the band. They do 80's cover tunes and other than being old and not much to look at they arent too bad actually. Monica, her brother and her friend Larry showed up and ate dinner and hung out with me for a bit. I was supposed to maybe hook up with Mark but it didnt happen. prolly better since it was late when I left the restaurant.

SO I think today I am gonna go with Cyclops down to HB to Fred's for food and Marg's. D wants to come over and do energy exercises with us later. I was supposed to meet Ace today but when I talked to him earlier he sucked the life right outta me. I think I just need to play today. Get some sun that kinda stuff.

Just wanna go down for the record to say that this weekend is the first weekend since october that I havent heard from Sassy. Well that just goes to show ya. Ill NEVER dump my friends for a penis. Okay so I havent called her either but still.



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