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3:03 a.m. - August 05, 2003
Who What?
Its early and sleep isnt really an option. I am sure I will over sleep for work if I ever fall out. I just got off the phone with Pop Tart. He rocks. Cracks me up BIG TIME. Hopefully I will get to see him this week and for sure this weekend.

The Parentals are in Las Vegas til Thursday for their 40th aniversary. Thats kinda kewl. Pops figgered he would treat Mum to something special and so he got them a room at the Mirage. She loves that hotel. I wish I could do something to make them hit a jackpot. LOL...Like THAT ever happens to plain ole schmoes.

Sassy FINALLY got her Z. Thanks to Z God for coming thru and letting her take the car and make payments. I hope the sun always shines on him he is wonderful. NOW Sass can stop stressin and come visit my neglected ASS. I miss her and I cant help but place blame all over the place for us not getting to hang out. I know she stresses easy but sheeeite.

I am gonna get some propane after work today for the grill. I asked Syovar to do it but I dotn wanna wait til the turn of the century. LAZY MO FO. cool but lazy. Deal is....if you dont plan on doing something DON'T TELL ME YOU WILL.

Well I guess I had better wind down to wind up...I know I will be up late so I think I also will take a nappy after the grind. Pop Tart may come over. YAY.




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