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5:47 a.m. - August 06, 2003
Keep On Keepin On
If I dont get some sleep I am gonna D I E. I am so fucking tired. Sassy called late and left a messages telling me she has plans tonight. Which is fine, and, Pop Tart stopped by...Damn I am pooped. Thats IT..Tonight and tomorrow...beddin down at a decent hour. For the record? I AM NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT LATE NIGHT VISITORS. I am complaining my old ass cant keep up.

I am so not jived on work today. But shit when am I?

Pop Tart told me of some troubles in his world last night. Things arent too clear for me but I wish there was something I could do to help. Seems like alot of hub bub for a cat but ...OK. Cat Drama.

Well new friend at work..RenRen...yea and if you read this you know who you are...Had fun talking to you last night. Wanna pick up again sometime. I wish I didnt hafta go so abruptly sorry about that. What is great is when you meet someone, and despite the quiet outer exterior you see fun wanting out. You know its there and know its a matter of time before you see it. Thats what happened here. I knew he was cool...I just needed to him to shake it loose. Glad to meet ya buddy...its GREAT.

I'll go into more details later. I dont have time now. Dontcha hate it when I talk in hyroglyphic? LOL.

Well I need a shower off to wash and head out to earn some cash. EGAD there hasta be a better way to live. But until I figger it out I'll just keep on keepin on.



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