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5:46 a.m. - August 08, 2003
A Whole lot of Nothing
I havent written in a couple of days. Why? NOTHING has happened. I mean seriously...NOTHING. I havent been going out at all during the week. Just not in the mood, well and the usual tribe is not available. No big cuz I dont wanna anyway really. The funny thing is I havent had a beer in a couple of weeks. Nice to be outta that rut but I miss it. To be honest the last time I went to the Goat the tab was 70+ bux. I dont feel like doin that again.

I am supposed to go have a drink with some of the guys from work at Angels tonight. We will see. Ill prolly go for a bit but to be square I am not too much in the mood for that either.

It isnt that I am in a bad mood. I am just kinda into chillin lately.

Pop Tart called last night. He didnt say anything about going out this weekend tho. I am sure we will but I thinkI am gonna go ahead with biz as usual. I do need to get shit together before the trip home. I wanna go to Palm Desert or out on the boat. it would be nice if it was just me and him but who the hell knows what he has going on.

I talked to Ren for a few last night. I think he is preoccupied. Maybe a waste of time I dunno.

So the friday slide begins. I am in a pretty mellow mood. Gonna go to work, have a drink, come home and pass out prolly. If that is the case...then tomorrow its all about cleaning (YUK). I will write more as the weekend goes forward. My life is fixing to take a big turn in another direction, I can FEEL it. Many significant but odd events tell me this. Lets see what cards I am getting dealt THIS time.



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