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7:42 p.m. - August 09, 2003
Good relaxing day
Pretty damn productive day if I should say so. I got up at the butt crack of dawn and scrubbed the buzzard cages. Then I took my watches in and got them fixed. Then Cyclops and I went to Red Robin for lunch then hit some thrift stores. I bought a blue jean vest for a buck and a really cool punk shirt. I found another vest I like so I wanna try to go get it tomorrow. I shoulda got it when I saw it but I didnt. Then I went to this rockin shoe store and got a couple of pairs of black sandal platforms and got mah sista a pair of shoes too.

It was hot as shit in the house today and I am a little tired from the heat. But other than that notta.

I was tossing around the idea of going to Jaspers for a beer but I dont really needta drink. I got a text message from Pop Tart and he was working all day. Doing what? I dunno. But he said he would call. Hope I am not sleeping when he does. Of course I put Punkin up already. Isnt that the way it goes?

I went last night with a couple fo guys from work to a bikini bar in anaheim. Maybe I am going thru a phase but it bored me to tears.

So I guess if I stay home tonight I will get up in the AM, see if I can drag Cyclops out to breakfast and find something fun to do. Or just chill and start getting things ready for the trip next weekend.

Anyway...boring as this seems it really was a good day...not I am gonna look for chow and watch tube...hopefully something good is on tonight.




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