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5:30 a.m. - August 11, 2003
What did I do all weekend?
How tired can I possibly be??? DAMN.

Okay weekend wrap up...lets see

Friday: went to a bikini bar (Angels) with Slaver Driver and Soy Boy. Like I said earlier I wasnt into it...nothing to discuss...Oh wait..there was this girl there that looked like she had been dragged behind the ugly bus for a few states...not that any of the gals were real "lookers" but this chick was the apitamy of FUGLY. To add insult to injury..she didnt know it....and she had a HORRIBLE weave and it was all askew in the back ...ya know like she had been sleeping on it for dayz....

Saturday: Went to lunch with Cyclops and then thrift storin..yay fun...didnt go out.

Sunday: Went Jeans shopping and then went to Pop Tarts. SPent the night. I am not gonna talk to much about him at this time. Lets just say its good and I dont wanna jinx it...

I am tired as tired can be so after work I plan on going home, getting comfy and falling asleep during Law and is good....



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