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8:10 p.m. - August 12, 2003
The Worm
Okay I had that GODDAMNED INTERNET WORM. I couldnt get the fuckin computer to stay on but for like a minute. I didnt even have time to go to microsoft to download the fix cuz it shut down too fast. OH MY HEAD!!!!

Well roomie Syofar helped me out and now we are back in biz...but that is why there hasnt been much jabber from me.

Thats not the whole truth. I also been busy getting ready to go out of town and spending time with Pop Tart. OKAY likes...ALOT.

So I leave friday AM to go see the Fam...totally excited..2 whole days riding horses with my sista and visiting with the parentals, grams and mah niece. I cant wait it is gonna be soooo much fun!!!

Okay well Nip/Tuck is on and I hafta fold clothes and do a little packin....Ill try to write more tomorrow but its gonna be short cuz I am outta here and pressed for time...




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