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5:41 a.m. - August 13, 2003
Short term plans...kinda
Mornin!!!! One more day and I am outta here for a few...Talked to Pop Tart and when I get back he and I are taking a jaunt to the desert to spend some time alone...he even said he may call in to work for me...HOW SWEET!!! Then it is project time...He has a 150 gallon saltwater tank I can put in my den. I would love to reef it but that is way big bux...I am thinking Nurse or Tiger Shark tank. How cool is that??? Damn he rocks!!

I get the check from my old job today. Gonna pay off the bills before I take off for OKC. That way I have a clear conscious. I am gonna get my wacked out money management shit in check. I cant do this shit I need to get it together.

Did I mention when I get back from vacation they are changing my department at work "for a couple of months"? Bull shit if you ask me since I had NO say in it at all. I like my little space. BUT I really do feel insignificant. So I guess I'll try it and see and if I dont like it Ill quit. Easy as that.

Okay so I am gonna go do the mornin dance...




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