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5:31 a.m. - August 14, 2003
Henpecking and Meat Puppets
So my sister told me that when I get pissed off at work I gotta stop just wanting to walk out. But let me tell ya yesterday I was right there. Here is the sit....

First, like I said before I am not an important person at this place. No-one communicates. And if something is said needs to take place, it is about 6 months before MAYBE something actually occurs.

It seems to me that everyone there just does what ever they want to (reminds me a bit of the hotel)unless it is ME and then the rules change. And they change because I am a meat puppet and no one wants to do what I am doing...shit half the time no one knows I am even there. So heres the dealio...

I asked off to go to Okalhoma. OK no problem (sorta). The other people in my office get to go see their families. Well Slave Driver asked payroll as a favor to pay me for the two days off. FOR THE RECORD I DID NOT ASK HIM TO DO THAT. I then asked early this week for a couple of extra days to extend my trip. You woulda thought I was asking to be president of this company. The way he makes it seem is that no one is working and everyone is watching ME. RIIIIGGGGHHHHTTT. So according to him they are all pissy at me...I personally think there is way to much drama in my department and that no one cares what I do. And I am to the point to which I wanna go to the big boss and HR and ask what the problem is.

Then yesterday the electricity got cut off. I had to dash home to take care of it real fast. I was gone about an hour and a half. I went back (and I was thinking I wasnt gonna). Slave Driver was a dick to me the rest of the day.

Ya know if his stupid kid or his wife need something he is the first to drop everything and jet. Fuckin double standard if you ask me. Its ridiculous. He floats between facilities and I know he takes off early all the time. I am not stupid. I know whats going on.

He told me when I get back I am changing departments. I was pissed off at first cuz no one asked me. But whatever. I am just about ready to ask to either move to another department or find another job. I think when I get back from Oklahoma I am gonna seriously start looking. I have had it with the hen pecking, power trips and drama. I dont like one girl I work with. The sexual harassment I am getting from my boss is getting out of control. And I am over it. I have had no "official" training and its making me crazee.

So here is the plan. Ignore the Slave Driver today. Go to lunch with my friends. Go see the fam. See Pop Tart (who makes me smile sooo much). Come back and be a meat puppet til I can make the burn outta there. In the mean time I may talk to the one lady there I really like and see the whats up. It may be a bad move but I dont care. There fuckers KNEW how I was before they hired me and now they want me to change. When will they get it...??? Leave me alone. Let me work...and I think if the sexual stuff and hen pecking doesnt stop I am going to take it to who ever I need to cuz I am over it.

Okay off to the salt mine....FUN



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