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2:21 a.m. - August 15, 2003
Outta Here!!!
Well I am off for Okie Land. Fun filled 4 days with the fam. I cant wait. I also cant wait to get back. I am a freak.

Bought an UBER-COOL watch yesterday. its a fossil and it has moving flames on the face. I KNOW..sounds gay but it isnt...I love it OH LOOK AT THE TIME!!! LOL.

I am gonna miss Pop Tart and Ck while I am gone...but absence makes the heart grow fonder right? YAY.

Well as soon as cyclops gets home we are outta here. So I gotta write up burd instructions and get the hell outta dodge. Unless the sista lets me have computer use there wont be any posts tilI return. But Ill do what I all those out there be well and stay tuned...same Bat Time...same Bat Channel!

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