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8:45 p.m. - August 19, 2003
Oklahoma Recap
Well I am back from Oklahoma and not a day to soon...well actually I got back yesterday but I been busy so now is the first chance I have had to update. So here is the Oklahoma recap...


Cyclops took me to San Diego where I flew out at 7 am to phoenix and caught a connector to Oklahoma City. Sista, Cone and Teeto picked me up and we went to see the mother and grandmother at the parentals house. My sista looks Uber-fab and her husband is a damn great guy. We all went to el Chico for dinner where I brought back a pint of REAL hot sauce...YUMMY!!!!I spent the night at my sista's house.

Saturday Am Sis and me and Cone got up and saddled up the horses and took off for a ride. Checked out the land and cows, donkeys, llamas and what ever else we came across. Dancer did a buck-a-thon with Cone and I must say he handled it very well and sat the horse better than I prolly coulda...The parentals and grandmotha came over and we cooked ribs and other yummies...Sista is a helluva cook...she has started canning and crap... She made a homemade peach cobbler...then the folks jammed out and my niece slept with me...She is soooo fuckin awesome..I love that kid so much!!

Sunday Cone cooked a GREAT breakfast and we (me and sista and Tee)painted these little magnets and watched Harry Potter...we went to dinner with the folks and I stayed over there sunday night.

No I didnt go out cattin or get plastered every night. it was awesome that I got some QT with my sis and the niece. I miss them alot and I needed the time with my sista...however I do realize now that this is where I am supposed to be.



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