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6:21 a.m. - August 21, 2003
Back to the Salt Mine
I gotta go back to work today. I dont want to. I swear if Slave Driver starts in on me I am gonna let him have it. I am not in to mood for him and ESPECIALLY CC. I dont wanna talk to them I just wanna be left alone.

I am supposed to go to Stretch's to do some casting for him tonight. I dont think it is a good night to do it but I am gonna see. I prolly should and get it out of the way. I will be home by 9 to watch CSI tho.

I wanna spend the weekend with Pop Tart. But I have a feeling he has stuff going on and wont be able too. THAT blows. We will see.

Sassy called last night but we didnt get to talk. I was doing a reading when she called the first time and then when I called her back she was watching TV. Then she called me back and I was on the tele with Pop Tart and didnt click over. Oh well. Maybe some other time. She and I have so much catching up to do it is sick. Damn I miss her.

I asked D to go have drinks with me but she was way tired and doesnt like the Goat or Pierce Street. I am sorry but I cant stand or afford snooty bars.

I watched the Banger Sisters again last night and got a bit meloncholy. I see so much of me in the character that Goldie Hawn plays. I hope I look that good when I am her age. BUT I dont wanna be that lonely.

Oh well I better get it together. Ill write more tonight.


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