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9:29 a.m. - August 23, 2003
Last few days wrap up
Well I did a long entry yesterday and the fucking computer locked up and I lost it. Then I got pissed and decided not to write.

So here is kinda what I wrote.

I did a tarot card reading for Stretch the other night. He has been having issues at work so we went in to look and see whats up. the cards told him that he needed to confide in a newer aquaintance with issues and this person could be a friend or a lover but someone recently new to his life. THEN the cards told him that he would lose his job....THURSDAY he got fired. he wants me to come over and do a reading and some spell work on sunday. AND he called me baby...what the hell??? I think he is just freakin. I dont know if I can go over there or not on sunday. Ill just hafta see.

CK came by the other night and was VERY affectionate...a bit different than the norm...I am wondering whats up with that. But after all my mental BS dealing with it I have come to the conclusion that I am gonna not worry about it. It was prolly nothing anyway.

As far as Pop Tart goes..I really dig him. ALOT. He went to the desert last night and took friday off. It kinda bummed me out cuz I wanna see him and we never get to spend much time together. Seems like I am really getting it bad for him. And I am not twitchin...EGAD...I gotta cut the other guys loose.

Cobbler stopped by the other day. he was in town for 3 days on biz from Austrailia. He went back on thursday, I guess he and I will hang when he blows back thru. I must add that he is just a delight and gorgeous to boot.

Sassy and I went out on thursday to the Goat and she got pissed at me cuz I didnt just get all excited when she went outside and used the phone, came back in 30 mins later and told me it was her man. I told her that I wasnt there to talk about him. I was there to see HER. And the fact that she sees and talks to him all the time, I thought it was kinda rude that she couldnt of told him she was visiting with me and she would call him back. (**footnote** I didnt say that part I just thought it).

Something has happened to her. it seems like her stress level is soo high. I cant do anything right and everything I say or do upsets her. I liked it so much better when she wasnt dating. She came by last night and was telling me the new Z has an oil leak. I told her I would go check it for her and she flipped on me. I was gonna do it so she could eat and take care of it before it got dark . I understand that she wants to learn but damn she bit my head off. I wasnt trying to get her all rialed up I was just trying to help. Sometimes her priorities are all out of whack..Its getting dark...oil is low...or eat..HMMMMM...

Anyway I think I may need to rethink how much effort should be put into having a friend. Seems like I try my damndest but I keep fucking it up. Again Ill give her some space. I figger...well if it is that easy to piss her off then HE will do it too someday...and regardless of how long that takes Ill still be in the shadows...her friend forever...

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