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7:55 a.m. - August 24, 2003
Toby Keith AGAIN
Toby Keith is playin in LA tonight and yea like a Dork I called Dave. SO, Suz and I are going to see him. No Brenni this time since she decided she cant be my friend anymore. ***sigh*** Cest La Vie. It should be fun I am excited about seeing him AND a change of venue will be nice for an outing.

I was supposed to see Pop Tart last night. Come 5pm I hadnt heard squat from him. So I called Suz to see if she wanted to go to Habana and have a couple. Thats how we got talking about Toby Keith and I got the balls to call Dave. Anyway....I got a text from Pop Tart at 6 that he was still in the desert. SO at that point knowing that it takes a couple of hours to get home from there I kinda knew I wasnt gonna see him.

I got home about 9 and checked my computer. He was online so I knew he was home. I sent him an email and went to bed. He called me yelling cuz he thought I had called and hung up on him. UH NO....I did call but I left a message for him.

We started talking last night while he was on a rant and he said his mom came in. He tried calling me back after 1 am. Sorry dude, too late, I was asleep.

Heres the deal. I am not calling him anymore for a while. I am sure when he finally drags his ass outta bed he will call but I have plans today. Now I must decide whether or not I should talk to him or leave him hanging like he left me all weekend. I know he has stuff going on and I have done all I can to let him know I am here for him. But I am not going to tolerate BS. SO...on I go...No I am not writing him off...but I also am not gonna be a door mat. I was feeling bad about last thursday but ya know what? I am over it, I dont feel so bad now.

In the mean time...I am gonna do laundry, look for a pair of pants that are missing and color my hair before Suz gets over here to go to Staple Center in LA....

I cant wait to see the guys AGAIN!!!

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