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6:54 a.m. - August 26, 2003
Another Mental Man
I went to Stretch's last night and did a couple of tarot readings for him. Told him about his job and the girl he needs to be with. Life defining things FREAK me out. Okay I freaked out a bit. Then we had steaks. Well pinwheels from El Toro Meats. UBER-YUMMY. I am gettin to know him pretty good. He is actually not as big of a jack ass as I initially thought. Still a sex maniac but a little less of a jack ass. No we didnt sack it. My head wasnt in it. I waasnt there for that and honestly it is refreshing to do other stuff.

Pop Tart. MENTAL. Sent me an email yesterday apologizing for being an ass. Okay that was nice. Come to find out he is freaking out cuz someone called him twice and hung up on him. Repeat after me...PARANOID. He thought it was me cuz it happened in between times I called. Now his story isnt jiving cuz he said he slept all day...BUT then he says they hung up on him between me calling and leaving messages. So what I get from that is that he wasnt sleeping....he wasnt talking to me....cuz if someone hung up when he answered and he didnt answer when I called...HMMMMMM. Anyway, he sent me an text message saying that he wanted me to be the one calling and was mad cuz I wasnt. I TM him back and said that didnt make sense and if he wanted me to get lost then just say so...this went on and on...finally I am OVER the whole deal...I told him if he ever figgered it out let me know in the mean time...VICKI SHUFFLE...

Dave called last night and wants me to come to Marina del Ray and have dinner with him and the band...damn I am really tired. We will see.

I tried emailing Brenni yesterday to test the waters...Pretty good for the first two emails...then the last one she went off ranting about the Holy Spirit and all that garbage...Okay that nails that coffin shut. I seriously think I felt something rupture in my brain when she started in on me. I didnt reply to her email.

Long talk with the new guy last night. He is cool...Ill call him SJ. More on him later. I do hafta get the fuck outta here right now!!!


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