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4:55 a.m. - August 29, 2003
Revvin Up for the Weekend
FINALLY!!! Friday. This week has taken forever....hopefully this weekend will too...the way its shaping up, its gonna be interesting to say the least.

Tonight I am off to see SJ's band play. It is gonna be a good night, I just know it. We have been talking a bit and he seems great. I need a relaxing night out. He called last night at clost to 11:30 but I was out like a light. No one is going with me. D is in Denver and comes back today. She said if she wasnt to tired she might. I wont hold my breath. And Sassy is helpin her friend move. So I am off ALONE...may go to Habana for one before I head down there. Or not.

Funny how things work. I am seeing Scuba tomorrow night. I hadn't heard from him in a month-ish. I knew he was busy but out of the BLUE he calls. I guess his birthday is here and he wants to do a "birthday party". He wanted to do it tonight but I cant. And no matter how he tried to work it I just am NOT gonna. Tomorrow...period. Thats it. I already had plans tonight and if SJ wasnt going to Hawaii then it might be a bit different. I dont drop plans like that. So anyway...tomorrow night ROUND TWO. Pray for me I am gonna need it. I got him a kick ass b-day present ...he is gonna flip out...little FREAK.

Sunday will best best taken as a down day in bed...I say that...After hangin out with Scuba I doubt it. Ill come home and be all wound up. I told Stretch I miht come over. I hafta fix those fucking brakes on my car before I flip out. Different brake pads DEFINATELY. Monday I think I am gonna take them off and see what the fuckin deal is. Squealing Bastards.

I didnt hear from Pop Tart all night. THATS new. So I guess I was right about the no call stand off. I was just to tired of the whole thing to call. And I KNOW he would keep beating a dead horse til it was pulp. ANd frankly I am OVER it. I got a couple of hang up calls myself last night. I told Cyclops if I was a real glutton for punishment I would call him and accuse him of calling and hanging up on me. Naw I am a grown up. I had taken my ad off yahoo to see if he noticed. I wasnt online enuf yesterday to make a difference but I can tell you this...UNTIL I find the guy I wanna be with forever the ad stays. And I am not taking it off just cuz he says to. His is still up...Where am I? "DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO" World? I dont THINK so. Well I am sorry I keep ranting about him I just still dont get it..maybe I am not supposed to.

I am gonna go shower and get the hell outta here. Ill write when I get home. Thank the gods that inventory is done (I think). I have had about all of that I can take. Unorganized fucks.


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