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8:24 p.m. - August 28, 2003
So I havent written in a couple of days ..allow me to say a word...WORK. We have been doing inventory so I have had to be there at 6 am and stay until the BS is counted. Not pleasurable in the least. YOU try counting computer components. Enuf of that Blah Blah.

What else has been happening? Well lets start with Pop Tart. And Prolly end there too. I dont know what has happened to him. Maye he got some bad peyote. Maybe aliens abducted him, probed his anus and dropped him off in a state of disorentation. Fuck I am beginning to think there might be an underlying mental state of dementia. Regardless I think there should be a show like that "When good pets go bad" aimed at people. He has looped out on me and I dont know what to do. For an entire week it has been a text message WAR. Kinda like "who gets the last word". I have told him and told him I didnt call and hang up on him. I have told him and told him I havent done anything. Yet he has told me to fuck off, go to hell, called me a liar, told me to take my ad off Yahoo or something like that. His rage went from none to full throttle. It made no sense. It was psycho babble. I tried talking thru text. What I have come to? He is on a stand off wih me now to see who breaks and calls first. He kept telling me that if I really liked him I woulda called by now. DUDE YOU SCREAMED MY HEAD OFF FOR CALLING YOU...AND IT WASNT A PLEASANT SCREAM FEST. I tried telling him I was gun shy about calling him but sheesh...okay this is wearing me out. I havent called cuz everytime I do I get voice mail and if I leave a message he says I call to much...lesser of two evils? No Thanks...I pick...dont call.

I have given this a little thought today and I think I am gonna give him space for a while...ALOT of it. When he comes back to reality and realizes I am not the enemy and I never did anythingn wrong..AND the only thing I am guilty of is being nice to him maybe he will call. Or not. We will see. I can tell you this..I may not be available if he waits a long time. And if Im not...cest la vie....You know the most tragic thing about all this is that he is the first guy in forever I didnt twitch with. THATS something to think about...maybe I should trust the twitch..No I will...I think it was right on...something else happened to him. There is an incredible guy in there...SOMEWHERE

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