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5:18 a.m. - September 03, 2003
No Mo Brake Squeal
It was GEERAJ PARTY last night. Me and Cyclops did car repair 101. I pulled those fuckin brake pads off my car and put this blue goo all over the back of the pads. They didnt squeal when I took it out for a spin around the block. KEEPING MY FINGERS CROSSED. Funny thing that it was so much easier to do the brakes this time than last time. Isnt it odd...NOT. No black bloody noses. The fatality this time was my hands. This blue goo is some sort of liquid latex and now my hands are covered in it. Well hopefully it'll come off in the shower...

I do need to give credit where credit is due....SJ told me about the goo....I love you man you are a life saver!!!! GET YER SWEET ASS BACK FROM HAWAII SO I CAN THANK YOU PROPER!!!!

Cyclops had the normal car thing to do. She has been having issues with the car not starting. She replaced the negative battery luck...after a long ass trip to Manny, Moe and Jacks, it was her battery...I think we are all back in the game again. I do need to replace the front fuel lines but it isnt pressing. I bought the hose thos just in case. Ill do it soon. Maybe this weekend.

Had a new hottie stop by last night "RM". Met him on the net (of course). He came bearing beer. (BIG POINTS) and stayed and watched The OC and Nip/Tuck with me (BIGGER POINTS). Super cool guy. He actually hung with me looking like yuck til close to midnight. A long time for a new aquaintance. Potential? I dunno we will see. He kisses good tho...yummies.

So all in all yesterday was a pretty good day. I am just hoping with all hope I fixed those brakes...

I gave Pop Tart his walkin papers yesterday too. Over all that high maintenance bullshit. I guess he is too cuz I havent heard from him in two days. Deep inside I knew we would never make it. I dunno maybe the pot smoking? (****see footnote****) Maybe the fact he has alot of internal anger he needs to work out? Maybe because he is convinced that no one in the world is ever right about anything but him? Maybe he is just still YOUNG for his age. I can tell you this tho...there is a good remedy...Zoloft...Anger management...take the cat to the pound...

The world is not your enemy baby...your worst enemy is yourself.

Til later!!!

****footnote*** I am so entirely over the whole pot smoking thing. I dont think it is cool. I never have...never will...and people that cant make it a day without smoking a bowl are LOSERS!

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