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8:10 p.m. - September 03, 2003
Hamsters Everywhere
All I wanted was to come home from work and spend some QT with my pets. Is that asking too much?

So I get home, change clothes, bring the boys into the den and go over to get Opal out of her cage so I can play with her.

And guess what???? Yep BABIES...AGAIN...Thats just what I need more hamsters. Not that I am pissed off about it but geezus. Now here we go...round two. Looks like about 6-8 wigglin little erasers. BUT hey it was fun when Mamma had her babies so I Am sure these will be fun too. I hope they all survive. I hate the mortality rate of these little guys.

Well I am off to bed I am exhausted. Ill write more in the AM....


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