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5:06 a.m. - September 04, 2003
Just another day
I am up and kinda running late. Went in to check on the hamster babies and Opal. Cyclops thinks she has had babies before. Bless her little heart.

I have a big project at work today and I wanna take tomorrow off. I dont know if that'll happen or not. I told slave driver I wanted friday off TWICE...we will see. Its funny I have no reason to take the day off I just want it off. Stretch wants me to come over but I told him no unless I get friday off.

RM called last night. He is fuckin hilarious. He may come over tonight for BBQ or meet me at Habana tomorrow. I do wanna see him again tho. He is young but certainly doesnt act it. I like a man that makes me laugh and he certainly does.

SJ is still in Hawaii...I hope he is having a great time. I am sure he is. I do wanna see him when he comes back too.

Well nothing over the top here. I guess I had better pull my head outta my ass and get to work.

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