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11:13 a.m. - September 05, 2003
Friday Chillin
I took the day off. I'll prolly get fired. However no job is worth personal sanity right?

My mailman has been on strike. Leaves me a fuckin note that we have mail that is too big for my mailbox. is THAT MY FAULT? I say no. Death to the lazy fuckin mailman. I had to go down to the post office to pick up my 6 tons of mail that has been accumulating over the past 2 weeks. If I was 4 legged and furry I would bite the bastard myself.

No major fun planned this weekend. I am going to Habana later today. That should be okay. An evening of Sangria. Maybe friends will meet me ...maybe not. Doesnt matter I am going anyway. Tomorrow I gotta wash & wax punkin and put new fuel lines on the front half of the engine.

I asjked RM to come to Habana. I hope he does. I would like him to see me not looking like shit.

I went to the Goat last night with Sassy. FINALLY!!! She and I had a blast without any tension. I know things are going good for her and that makes me very happy. I love her. She said she would come to habana with me. I hope so. I need to message her.

Well I am off to do my dailys. Ill write more as the day progresses...

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