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6:02 p.m. - September 06, 2003
Rock Bottom here we come
This is gonna be a quickie due to I am on time constraints here. Heading out for a fun evening with D. Looks like we are going to have dinner and dancing at Rock Bottom. Should be cool. I need a change of scenery.

I went to Habana with Sassy last night. Got hit on by some old fuck (and I do mean old). We called him Ron Jeremy cuz he was putting the wanna be porn star moves out there but just wasnt cutting it. he totally grossed me out. The saving grace? His fuckin idiot friend who kept shooting off at the mouth (and dissing my car) gave me a damn good reason to take the drink he bought me and turn my back. Hint for the old fuck...dont go out with that guy he is detrimental and you can prolly plan on never getting any pussy with him around...BUT he wouldnt of even gotten a nod from me...way too old.

Spent the day at the swap meets with Soy Boy. Had fun. Got a chalice for my casting alter and a new purse and a budda. Oh and a sunburn.

So here I go off to flirt with some strange....


Oh I forgot to add that RM came over for a bit last night...Nothing of the inferno state...just stopped in for about an hour. He was wierd when he left...have a feeling...he is big.

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