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6:36 p.m. - September 07, 2003
Extreme Car Therapy
Holy Schmoly what a day. It's all about car therapy. Ya know and as the ay goes on more and more randome projects peep out.

So I got up and went to the geeraj with the full intent on getting the injector lines done and ended up fuckin with stereo-fu. Rearranged speakers shit like that. At least the one I had jimmy rigged up in the back has been move. I need a new stereo and I need it YESTERDAY.

So I took a break and watched Harry Potter..answered a few emails and headed back outside to attempt the fuckin fuel lines. God that is just not easy at all. I think I sprained my wrist. But it is done and doesnt hafta be done again for a long ass time...well with the exception of tightening up hose clamps after the hoses settle down.

I didnt go out on one date this weekend. Now that isnt really a big, except it woulda been nice. So here is an update of the Men in my life and what is up with them:

Ck...says he isnt very good company right now. He has drama...I am sure it is his injuries and the fact that he wrecked the bike. Still love him tho and will be here when he is ready to come talk to me...

Pop Tart...CURTAIN CALL FOR THE BIG DRAMA. I get random text messages from him. He wants me to just drop everything at the last minute. I told him I would see him last night after I had dinner with D. That wasnt good enuf so now I am back on ignore. OH SO OVER IT. Its funny tho cuz he drops these little things like "I am going away tomorrow" in his messages. Okay where ya goin? Prison? Hell? Nebraska?

Stretch...What to do what to do. Did card readings for him and he wants more. Cards aint gonna say anything different. I am not gonna go over there just to have sex with him, and he is always droppin little hints like "cum" over and shit like that. I guess today I am not in the mood for that shit. I would like to have a conversation ya know? So heres the deal. I like him and it is hard for me to just go sack him when I know he is going for this other chick...If I am gonna have recreational sex its gonna be with someone designated just for that. Damn I sound like a whore. Thats not really it at all. I just feel like everything with him is one sided. I need more and if he cant give it then I need to move on. Ill be his friend but my life comes first.

SJ...still in Hawaii til tomorrow...I hope this with him goes well when we see each other. He is the coolest.

Havent talked to Scuba since our last tryst...yea I know I was feeling icky about it afterwards but its okay. I knew I would shake is subsiding. At least when I am with him its all about "us" not me or him byt "us". And he always drops some coin when he comes to see me. I do adore him. and he doesnt bug me. His 35th is the 11th...Happy B-Day big boy...

RM...text messaged him today just to see..didnt hear back...didnt expect to. Told Ya.

Any new ones just havent rated enuf to mention. I am gonna go chill and watch some tube and see if anyone messages me. I am tired and know I will sleep like I am dead.

Til tomorrow...

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