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4:50 a.m. - September 08, 2003
Back to the Wheel
I am starting to feel like a hamster in a wheel again. I hate it when this feeling comes on. I am going nowhere. I think this time it is more job related. I need to focus and I have no "want to" there. I guess it is just hard to take things seriously when no one there has a clue whats going on. Its back to the regular grind after the holiday and the shut down. That means slave driver and CC will both be back. Oh my head.

I got this HUGE packet of crap from my lawyer. Questions and shit for my deposition for my personal loss case against that old bitch that ran me off the road. Thing is..she KNOWS she did it. I have witnesses that saw it happen. Why cant she just admit it and get on with our lives. It will be 2 years this next July. Stupid bitch. They want names and prolly statements from everyone involved that day. I hope like hell they dont wanna talk to the Jew. That is the LAST thing I need, to hafta come face to face with that piece of shit.

I wanna say I am not in a mood today. And if I am I dont wanna be. But for some reason people are able to push my buttons easily. I am just tired of the BS. Oh and then last night I was laying in bed thinkin that my birthday is less than 6 months away and I started freaking out. 38...YIKES. I guess I'll put that freak out on the back burner til later.

My hands are sore from working on the car yesterday. But I think even so I am gonna come home and work in the back and get rid of the weeds/vines that have taken over everything. or not I may come home and sit on my ASS.

OKay well I am gonna get ready for work. I dont have too many pearls of wisdom and I hafta get to the geeraj a bit early to double check the hoses.


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