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7:51 p.m. - September 09, 2003
Ranting Like a Loon
I rant like a loon.

Things make me nuts and I go in circles...I had a few revelations of late...I was laying in bed the other night and after I freaked out that the boxes in my garage shelf could fall on my car if there was an earthquake (which prompted me to go rearrange the garage at 1130pm to protect the precious Punkin)...I realized that I am gonna be 38 in less than 4 months.

I felt sad, mad, scared, depressed, happy...then I started thinking maybe I am not living right and stuff...But I am set in my ways and getting a man isnt that easy so I play...and then I started feeling wierd becuz the things that I do that are a bit "off" dont really bother me and it bothered me that my misbehaving didnt bother me.

I think I have a stress crack in my skull.

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