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5:31 a.m. - September 09, 2003
Nip/Tuck Day
Tuesday...Nip/Tuck is on tonight and any chance to see Julian Mcmahon 1/2 naked makes it a good day. So there is a smile in the morning.

Got into this big ass discussion with Stretch yesterday about our relationship. At the moment he is wanting something from me I cant give him. I am getting burned out on meaningless BS and when I ask for more he balks more nonsense. It was an all day thing and I really dont know if we even resolved anything to be honest. We will see. Maybe after he meets his "teacher" he is interested in (***footnote*** he hasnt met her face to face...just on the chat) then we will see how his tune changes. I know the real Stretch and I would be willing to bet that he aint the same guy as first date Stretch. Savvy?

CK called last night. I am worried about him. He doesnt sound good at all. This wreck has him really fucked up. I wish there was something I could do but he wont let anyone close to him. Sometimes I think it is a kinda Yo-Yo game he plays. Thats just him and I accept it. Never will amount to more than that...*sigh*

I am going to see SJ's band saturday night...I asked D to should be fun.

Stereo in Punkin finally bit the big one...I gotta buy a new one. Thank the gods I dont drive far to work.

well nothing to over the top to report. I am gonna go get in the shower and head out for the day.

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